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MDR ( Managed Detection and Response)
Security as a Service
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Our SOC as a service solves the biggest problems facing everyone's security today

  • COMPLIANCE: Compliance demands are managed
  • COST: Affordable cost for cybersecurity protection
  • COMPLEXITY: Operational complexity are operating defense-in-depth
  • EXPANDING THREATS: Advanced threat expansions are mitigated
  • AVAILABLE SKILLS: Expand your IT staff with remote analysts
MDR Services

how mdr works?


Managed Detectdetect

Sensors continuously monitor your network and systems for malicious activities or policy violations that can lead to network intrusions. Artificial intelligence within the Comodo SIEM combines correlation rules our Threat Lab develops for known attacks with rules customized for your environment to proactively alert our SOC to any possible endpoint compromise.

IT Investigateinvestigate

Dedicated incident response analysts within the Comodo SOC continuously monitor your environment. Three tiers of analysts investigate any incidents by integrating relevant networking log and security sensor events, correlating, analyzing, and enriching data as necessary. They then evaluate the impact of the incident on the customer's environment and develop a detailed incident response plan.

IT Respondrespond

Our service automatically generates timely and meaningful alerts based on your infrastructure requirements. Your IT team no longer needs to undergo the arduous process of defining custom rules, queries or reports. Our analysts give your internal team collected logs and reports to help them evaluate any events and manage remediation for any attacks.

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Comodo Cybersecurity MDR provides you software, platform, technologies and the expert staff to monitor, manage and threat hunt to let you focus on your business goals

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Dedicated Security Team

Ready anytime at your service

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) technologies

Protection against unknown threats

Behavioral Analytics

Reporting based on your network

Continuous Log Analysis

Logs are collected and stored

Real-Time Threat Alerts

Enable incident responses to threats

Cloud based SOC as-a-Service

Cloud based SIEM included with SOC

Add-on Auto Containment

Contain the unknown threats instantly

Extensive Vulnerability Scanning

Continuous & Powerful Threat Hunting

Regulatory Compliance

Guidance from industry experts

Security Information Event Management (SIEM)
installs in Minutes

SECURITY Information Event Management

You can create custom dashboards and overview each customer's security situation, you can drill down on charts to the events, in order to see the underlying details for a specific condition by just one click and you can prepare long term reports and queries and conduct analysis about an attack providing specific details about the incident.

  • Customized Security Rules
  • Continuous Log Collection
  • Classification and indexing
  • Retention and search
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Correlation engine
Cloud based


Your private security engineer will be your principal contact with your Comodo SOC services. They're on the front-line for your internal IT department, so do not hesitate to directly access them by phone or emails. They'll complete routine and non-routine tasks to improve your security posture from reactive to preventative.

  • Rapid Baselining
  • Onboarding Assistance
  • Periodic Evaluations
Cloud Based Security operation center

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