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Understanding Managed Security Information Management (Managed SIM)

Managed SIM (Managed Security Information Management) is the process that involves, collecting, monitoring, and evaluating of event log data from computer logs. It is the practice that involves the use of managed Security Information Management System (SIMS).

Managed SIM

Managed SIM is an excellent tool to solve issues in log analysis. Computer logs are consist of security information. It contains an intrusion-detection system (IDS) alerts, messages from servers, firewalls, and other network devices.

Networks produce an overwhelming amount of these logs every single day. Hence, it has become vulnerable to various attacks. An effective way to prevent such threats is by responding to them the fastest way possible.

Managed SIM products can be of great help in this matter. These are software agents that interact with a centralized server. Managed SIM products act as a network’s security console that sends information about security-related events. Managed Security Information Management works by displaying reports graphs, and charts of this information. Managed Security Information Management: What Managed SIM does?

The use of managed SIM products is crucial to an organization’s IT security infrastructure. Here’s a list of the reasons why:


Managed SIM (Security Information Management) identifies threats

Getting ahead of the attackers is key to information security. Since managed SIM does the job of collecting computer logs generated by security controls, it also serves as a key to prevent possible threats.

Analyzing log messages can help you find out various information about attackers’ unauthorized access. It can detect how they broke in, what they accessed, and if they cause issues on your network. Managed SIM gives allows you to read logs in real time. This helps you figure out what the attacker is doing. With managed SIM’s log analysis, preventing various attacks may be possible

Managed Security Information Management (SIM) provides forensic and reporting Both the system logs and alert data generated by managed SIM are integral for better forensic analysis. The results of such an analysis can then be used to implement new and advanced security controls. Forensic analysis of logs can also be useful for organizations. It may help discover hidden attacks undetected by common alert systems.

Cloud-Based Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is Better Than Managed Security Information Management (SIM)

Although Managed SIM can automate various tasks involving security information gathering, it may not provide guaranteed security. A cloud-based Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) involves a combination of managed Security Information Management and Security Event Management.

One obvious benefit of a cloud-based SIEM is that it reduces costs. Since this technology is hosted on cloud, no capital expenditure, no infrastructure, and no license are needed. Indeed, a cloud-based Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is way better than a managed Security Information Management (SIM).


Comodo cWatch Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Comodo cWatch Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is an integrated suite featuring Managed Detection-Response technologies for advanced cybersecurity defense.

Why cWatch MDR among others? cWatch MDR is a platform that offers new cybersecurity infrastructure for bigger data capabilities. Without a doubt, cWatch MDR is crucial for the future of managed security service provider (MSSP).

cWatch MDR is an innovative cyber security platform that prevents all forms of cyber attacks. It is a multi-tenant technology that ensures the safety of clients’ data. Such innovation aims to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover security threats. Comodo cWatch MDR provides competitive advantages such as follows:

  • Robust platform - for enterprises of all sizes
  • Human and Artificial Intelligence - first Artificial Intelligence designed for MDR needs
  • Holistic Security Approach - involves internal and external sensors
  • Human Analyst Experts - dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) engineers
  • Patented Containment Technology - prevents threats while allowing the system to operate
  • Cloud-based Security Information Management (Managed SIM) - designed for threat detection and response automation
  • Powerful Threat Scanning - involves data visualization and analysis

Manage cyber threats. Switch from managed Security Information Management (managed SIM) to a cloud-based Security Information and Event Management now. invest in cWatch Managed Detection and Response (MDR) today.

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